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Caution in Construction Areas

We were recently dispatched to cover a single car accident on Cape San Blas Rd. at the first turn on the Eglin AFB property.  The driver had drifted off the right side and onto the soft shoulder, turnning the wheel to the left to try to get back on the road.  When the front-right tire finally gained purchase on the pavement, it was turned far to the left and the car shot across the road, hitting the berm on the other side and spinning around before coming to a stop.

Run Off Road

Please be careful, especially while they are repaving the road.  Many times this type of accident results in a roll-over.  If you run off onto the shoulder slow down before attempting to turn back onto the road.

Posted by Vince Bishop - Monday, 12/21/15, 06:02 PM - Comments - Category: Health and Safety

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